Our Story

Mall after mall brimming with visually stimulating cosmetics and absolute MUST HAVES. So what if it's got a bajillion chemicals in there?! IT'S COOL!

Hang on, didn't my BFF/Mum/Sister/Oprah say something the other day?

"Try natural, blah blah, it's the best. Did you know how bad parabens are for you.. Blah blah, your skin will feel so much better without them..."

But it's just so BORING! *YAWN*


And so here we are.

Tired of the artificial body and make-up fare overly prevalent in the UAE but also the constant stereotypical portrayal of natural skincare and make-up, MissPalettable was born out of our desire to break the norm and prove that going natural can be FUN, TRENDY, & COLOURFUL.

We loveee the thrill of swiping our shiny credit cards for a new guilty purchase that's all the rage, funky colours, fascinating trends, celebrity endorsements and being part of a movement that we feel we BELONG to. Simultaneously, we don't want to be putting GUNK & TOXINS on our beloved skin. Why can't we have both? Why does it have to be mutually exclusive?

We're here to debunk the myths. We're here to celebrate you. We're here to say you can, heck, that you DESERVE to have BOTH!

We’ve brought you the most effective, unique and clean products sourced from all over the globe, helping you explore new and exciting ways to pamper yourself.

It’s NOT all about Juice Cleanses, Pilates, Fair Trade Hipster Coffee, Acai Bowls & Yoga Pants.

It’s about a lifestyle that’s rich & exciting yet healthy & vibrant. It’s about making a choice that your skin will thank you for today and everyday hereafter.

MissPalettable is your high school best friend, your tub of ice-cream for a Netflix night in, the pom poms for your inner cheerleader. Follow our BLOG for more :)

All products found on MissPalettable have been carefully curated by our founders and are available here because of our genuine belief in their quality.

At MissPalettable, you are our focus.

No pains have been spared in our commitment to delivering the best user experience for our Natural Beauty Queens from their online screens to their doorsteps.

Where is MissPalettable?

MissPalettable is based out of beautifully sunny Dubai, UAE, and delivers worldwide from our hub. Follow us on our social media handles (@misspalettable) and get in touch with us on info@misspalettable.com