MissPalettable does the work so you don’t have to. We identify potential brands by engaging with natural beauty experts, trawling exhibitions & conferences, exploring the undiscovered from our personal travels across the globe and reading natural beauty publications.

MissPalettable then conducts a philosophical due diligence on potential brands to ensure that they not only manufacture products of the most honest qualities but also share the same values and vision as us.

Your safety matters to us. Unregulated and hazardous beauty products are unfortunately in wide circulation in this day and age. At MissPalettable, we feel a duty to our customers to ensure they are using our products with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. This is why every product found on has gone through stringent tests to be registered with and approved by the relevant authorities.

At MissPalettable, we like to put ourselves in your shoes. That’s why it’s important that the products found on our website would also find their way to our homes and on to our skin. Naturally, every product is tested by our beauty panel to ensure it meets our high standards.

Where is MissPalettable?

MissPalettable is based out of beautifully sunny Dubai, UAE, and ships internationally from our hub. Follow us on our social media handles (@misspalettable) and get in touch with us on