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Healthy Skin 101: A Guide to Natural Beauty Products

Healthy Skin 101: A Guide to Natural Beauty Products

There are so many beauty products out there that a lot of women are completely overwhelmed. Oodles of companies vying for your attention, each claiming that their product is the best.

But here at MissPalettable, we know that the best beauty products are the products that will keep your skin healthy and happy your entire life! That being said, we can help you sort them out!

Below are six great products that will keep your skin looking and feeling great by staying healthy.   

  • Cleansers. These do just what they say they do: They cleanse your skin! They pull impurities from deep within your pores and leaves your face feeling fresh! 
  • Toners. Toners help previously uncared-for skin get back to its beautiful normal. They smooth out rough areas and enhance your natural coloring. 
  • Moisturizers. This one is easy to figure out! Your skin needs hydration just as much the rest of us does.  Moisturizers give new life to dry and flaking skin. 
  • Facial Oils. Oils really have a variety of uses. They do not only clear impurities from your skin, they also smooth out your skin and leave it feeling soft and silky. Oils do great restoration work when skin has been damaged (as by a sunburn).
  • Facial Serums. These are very nourishing for the skin. Their vitamin rich ingredients help keep your skin pure and young-looking. These will make your face glow! 
  • Face Masks. These luxurious products are for deep cleaning and massive rejuvenation. They lift tired skin and give it a fresh feeling of elasticity. 

Each of these lovely natural products will keep your skin looking at its best and feeling oh-so-healthy. If you enjoy wearing makeup, just make sure to use natural cosmetic products and protect your skin. Before you go to bed, always remove your makeup.

Going natural doesn't mean boring or not beautiful! You can be more gorgeous than all the rest, even without putting a lot of junk into your body! There is no way to lose! 

Your skin deserves a little love - the natural way! For more information about natural beauty products, contact us!

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