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The Most Common Causes of Pre-mature Skin Ageing

The Most Common Causes of Pre-mature Skin Ageing

Ageing is unavoidable, but you can do it naturally and gracefully. Thanks to the never-ending search for the Fountain of Youth, the most common causes of premature skin ageing have been identified. These are things to avoid or consider as you continually refine your beauty and health routines.

  1. The sun, of course! This one is pretty well-known. According to Brett Gibbons in an article published on The Weather Channel’s website, it is the ultraviolet radiation that can cause premature skin ageing and a whole other list of issues: sunburn, eye damage, and skin cancer. That said, wear appropriate sunscreen and limit your time in the sun.
  2. Your diet. Healthy, youthful skin comes from more than just what you put on it and how much water you drink. Your diet can significantly impact your skin's appearance. Sophie Haslett recently wrote an article for about the Australian nutritionist, Fiona Tuck’s list of foods that cause premature ageing and those that help maintain a youthful look. Haslett reported that Fiona Tuck recommends limiting meat, refined sugars, vegetable oils, and nightshade vegetables like tomatoes and white potatoes.
  3. Tap water. No, not when you drink it, but when you use it to wash your face! On Racked, Megan McIntyre wrote an article that explores the early research on the effect of tap water on skin health. The issue comes down to the fact that heavy metals in tap water are free radicals and break down collagen (which then causes wrinkles), contributing to premature skin ageing. 

Which ones did you know about and which ones surprised you? Are you concerned about your skin prematurely ageing? Contact us to learn more about natural solutions.

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